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9:00 pm i am bill o'reilly. we do hope to see you again next time. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> on the two media companies are getting big bucks for passing the white house post a message. david axelrod used to run one of them. the details on the brewing scandal. >> [inaudible] sean: the head of that group now breaks his silence. >> the only things we need have a cost we cannot afford. a tax cut. i will cut taxes. cut taxes. that is right. a tax cut for 95% of all working families. sean: mr. president, nobody believes you. warren buffett says we need to
9:01 pm
come up with the cost. michelle malkin and our great american panel. democrats like barack obama and nancy pelosi have accused concerned citizens of being funded by special interests. they have made those accusations despite having no evidence. now, shocking details have been uncovered that revealed that the people actually profiting from this debate are high-profile members of their own party. that is our headline tonight. conflict of interest. according to an investigation by bloomberg news, a firm with ties to david axelrod has received upwards of $12 million to produce ads supporting the president's health-care plan. the company was headed by him until he departed to join the obama administration in december of 2008. the company still owes him $2 million. another advertising firm that also received hundreds of
9:02 pm
millions of dollars from the obama campaign is cashing in on the health care debate as well. gmmb employs a number of former obama strategist. for more on this story that is just beginning to unravel, i am joined by the author of "the culture of corruption," michelle malkin. she is back with us. congratulations. number one "new york times" bestseller. this story fits right into a lot of what you chronicled in the book here. with david axelrod being owed this money and these firms being closely connected to the debate, there's a clear conflict of interest. i wanted to get your thoughts. >> most definitely. this case it's a perfect illustration of so many of the things i hit on in the book. the sanctimony and the chicago pay for play politics that
9:03 pm
barack obama and his team have brought to the potomac. david axelrod is a master of astroturf. that is what akpd and the number of his secret of firms have specialized in. we have the pot calling the kettle black. you have robert gibbs and the entire democrat majority leadership going out there and smearing the grassroots t party and counterinsurgency movement as the ones who are directed from the top down, when it is people who are within the white house, starting with david axelrod, who have been profiting off of this. both of those firms raked in $344 million combined last year doing advertising for barack obama. now, it is revealed by bloomberg and the associated press that these two firms have raked in between $12 million and $24 million drawing advertising that is funded by the sciu, aarp, and
9:04 pm
families usa sean: there is an obvious conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety. don't we need an investigation into whether axelrod and his friends and associates negotiated any part of this? the american people would need to know, right? >> yes. we need full disclosure and the transparency that barack obama promised when he was ushered into office. we need to know why there were not refusals or disclosures from david axelrod every time he went on tv to push obamacare at the same time that his former firm was getting money to advertise for it. we are getting a lot of the niles, a blanket denials from the white house. every time the white house deny something, they admit the accusers were right. that was the case with these e- mails. fox news was the first and only one to question them on that.
9:05 pm
i think all of this requires a white house reality check. where are those people to investigate fishy deals and fishy information, or lack thereof? sean: we have more evidence of the thug-style politics. henry waxman sent out a letter. 52 insurance companies are the recipients. there's a demand for documents about compensation, chris -- business practices, clearly an effort that they want to go up there and intimidate and use this as a form of demonization of the health-care industry that they have enough focused their attention on in terms of heating. this is health insurance reform. this is not government-run health care. does that concern you, the intimidation effort? >> yes, because it is a case of double dealing and distraction. you have waxman and pelosi out there demonizing these health insurers and these private
9:06 pm
corporations. you have the obama administration officials collecting money from them. david axelrod is only one of many officials who have taken money from what they consider to be evil drug industry and health insurance industry. we talked about the health care czar. she made upwards of $6 million as a consultant of many of these insurance firms and health-care companies, many of which have met in secret with the white house. there is eric holder, the current attorney general, who made money representing the maker of oxycontin in past litigation with west virginia. who were the ones being paid? who were the ones in the insurance industry? i would like robert gibbs to get up at the next press briefing and be indignant about questioning the motives of the people within his own administration who are taking money. sean: michelle, i saw something on your web site that i was
9:07 pm
completely in agreement with. we have seen this entire week the trial balloon that was floated over the weekend that maybe the government option is on the table. maybe we can change gears. they started talking about the cooperatives. you are warning readers, do not get caught up. it is basically the same thing. it is the. i have been making. explain. >> -- it is the point i have been making. explain. >> of course. the devil is always in the details. many smart people have looked at the details and they are very concerned that it is another trojan horse. sean: if they supply the means of services, pricing, and supply, which ultimately, the government-option name, some type of co-op, if the government controls that and they still control the prices, they control what services you will get or will not get, that ultimately
9:08 pm
means rationing. they are not talking about real reform, medical savings accounts or tax reforms for people who need assistance. isn't this still government control? they are trying to bamboozle people. it is the same thing. >> right. it is in the details. there might be legitimate proposals of health insurance co-ops that would have some semblance of market-based reform. i think you cannot trust this administration. you cannot trust the astroturfing propagandists. co-op might more properly be called co-opt. sean: we appreciate you being with us. aarp members continue revolting against that organization at a town hall. video of this event is straight ahead. the white house has accused a
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sean: when democrats began meeting opposition at town hall of dense, there was the charge that it was carefully organized by the republican party. they said people were brought to
9:13 pm
town halls by organized groups run by republican operatives and funded by the special interests who are trying to stop the agenda the president was elected to bring to washington. one group was singled out. here is robert gibbs. >> you have ted groups today, conservatives for patients' rights, who had bragged about organizing and manufacturing that anger. what you are seeing is they have bragged about manufacturing, to some degree, that anger. you have somebody who is very involved, a leader of that group is very involved in the status quo. sean: the founder of the group rick scott joins me now. good to see you. >> nice seeing you. sean: you did send out fliers. i did investigative work.
9:14 pm
did you have any pay programmers? >> no pay programmers. no free lunches. sean: no free lunches? no union folks? nobody? >> no. sean: did you get any money from george soros? >> not likely. it is great. if i could snap my fingers and get more people to show up, i would. sean: i think the charges -- we have watched this. we have seen grandmothers. we have seen parents with children in wheelchairs. we have seen veterans and stay at home mothers. what was your role in all of this? why do you think they are singling you out for attack? >> i do not know why they're singling us out. we have run a national ad since march 2. we have done everything we can to educate americans about the bills and what president obama is trying to do. we have done more than other people. you know what is happening.
9:15 pm
you have done it. talk radio has done it. youtube has done that. you can just pull down all of these bills from the internet. that is what has done that. it is great, what is happening. how can you get $500 billion out of medicare and have it not impact me? sean: one of the advantages we have had, they try to get this through in two weeks, but now that we have had the recess, people are engaged. they have time to be informed about what is proposed. that has changed the debate. now, the white house is saying, we want choice and competition. this is health insurance reform, not health care reform. do you think the repackaging will be successful? >> absolutely not. the american public knows. it is ok if you are not decided. the american public has decided. they know that this is a government takeover of health
9:16 pm
care. this public plan, this government insurance plan, it is government-run health care and they know it. they have not informed about how canada works and how the uk works, the disaster in the massachusetts. they know this is not good. they are fed up with taxes and medicare cuts. they are fed up with seeing how much insurance will change. people are happy with insurance. sean: we will get into more detail in our panel segment. they have 257 house seats. they have a filibuster-proof senate. they have the white house. why did they keep saying that the republicans are obstructing this? now, we will go it alone. they had that opportunity from the beginning, haven't they? >> absolutely. my first interviews were in march and everybody said, you are crazy. why are you doing this? he has all of the votes. the bill will be passed and
9:17 pm
signed. what are you doing? they cannot get the democrats to go along. there are plenty of democrats saying, i cannot afford -- i will not get reelected if i have this tax increase. over here, they're saying, i have to have a government plan, or i will not vote for it. sean: harry reid is saying this option, the reconciliation process, he is using the terms "any means legislatively necessary" that they will use. >> no way. sean: you do not think they will do that. >> they will not get reelected. there is no way they can do it. about a month ago, nancy pelosi said she had all of the vote. i was with one of the blue dog democrats and they said she had 100 votes that she did not have. we have to keep going to the town hall meetings. let them know what we believe.
9:18 pm
they do not have the votes. sean: i have been spending a lot of time investigating the systems. we will have a special on friday night right here on this program. the canadian medical association is saying that canadacare is imploding. there was a story out of vancouver where they will have to -- thousands of surgeries are being cut because they cannot afford them. there was an article in great britain were a woman gave birth on the pavement because they would not send an ambulance for her. is that what will happen here? >> absolutely. every government plan is always cost overrun, denial of life- saving drugs. a day and up the same way. story after story. gordon brown had to apologize for people dying at a hospital in the last three years because of government health care. there is no way this will happen.
9:19 pm
sean: there are long lines. there is inferior care. we will talk about a stanford study where we are more satisfied with our system than they are in socialized countries. one of the things i want to ask you is that democrats are saying republicans are being obstructionists. i believe we should have tax credits for the 15 million that may be cannot afford it. i believe in medical savings accounts. we need reform. i think there are free-market methods. are you also promoting them? >> when we started, we put on four pillars, the right to choose your doctor and the insurance plan you wanted, not some plan that the government says has to cover everything. health providers tell you what things cost. allow insurance companies across state lines. give you a tax break as an employer. if you own your own policy from
9:20 pm
the time you're 25, pre-existing conditions would not be an issue. the reward people for taking care of themselves. better prices for health insurance if they do not smoke, exercise come eat right. all of those things would drive down cost. sean: we are supposed to have a debate. this was supposed to be a transparent administration. we do not have those arguments being made. they do not want conservatives participating in the process. >> they do not want to debate. nobody is saying, let's sit down and talk about this. these are things that do not cost money that would drive down costs. we want lower costs, not government health care. sean: thank you for being with us. you are the chief mobster. coming up, bad news for president obama. he keeps promising 95% of americans will get a tax cut. wait until you hear how many people believe him.
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sean: big news, america. the president found federal spending he does not like. defense spending. he made the announcement before the veterans of foreign wars on monday. >> the impulse to protect jobs back home building things we do not need has a cost. we cannot afford it. this waste would be unacceptable at any time. at a time when we are fighting two wars and facing a deficit, it is unexcusable. sean: hold on. as in the stimulus about creating jobs by building things we do not need? isn't it the promise that spending a stimulus? somebody said that very thing.
9:26 pm
>> to get the argument, this is not a stimulus. this is a spending bill. what do you think a stimulus is? that is the whole. -- whole poitn. -- point. seriously. sean: that is only true when it comes to. less domestic projects, not national defense. most americans -- when it comes to domestic projects, not national defense. >> i will cut taxes. cut taxes for 95% of all working families. a recovery plan provides a tax cut. that is right. a tax cut for 95% of working families. the only tax policies i have implemented for middle-class families is a tax cut for 95%.
9:27 pm
sean: does anybody actually believe him? a new poll suggests that the answer is no. the latest rasmussen's survey asked americans if they expect taxes to go up or down or stay the same. under president obama, 6% of people said they expect a tax cut. 82% said they expect the taxes to increase or stay the same. it is sad when the vast majority of the people who voted for you do not believe you can deliver on those promises. sean: health care reform is not the only issue the democrats have lost control of. you can add cap and tax to the list as well. one democrat the slamming his own party for pushing the climate change legislation. timothy wirth later served as president clinton's clive -- climate change negotiator.
9:28 pm
he says the bill makes no sense. he said, "the republicans, in fact, are right. it is a cap and tax bill. that is what it is because they're raising revenue to do all sorts of things." you heard it here first. a democrat thinks republicans are right. the white house has build the town halls as a chance for president obama to hear from the american people. a closer look at last week's event in portsmouth, new hampshire, reveals the only reason barack obama is interested is because he wants to hear from himself. are around 10,000 words were spoken in new hampshire, 8000 of which came from the president's mouth. he spoke almost 90% of the time. when he says he wants to go it alone, maybe that is what he needs. we continue with a bomb shell from "the wall street journal." he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old!
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>> on president obama is financing offshore oil drilling in brazil. "the wall street journal" reports the obama administration approved the $2 billion loan to brazil's company.
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sean: with america buried in debt and no end to the spending spree, warren buffett is sounding an alarm that politicians need to listen. he wrote -- sean: members of congress, are you listening? joining me with reaction to this story is our friend from the fox business network. good to see you. warren buffett, obama supporter. what does this mean? >> this is a warning to president obama. watch out. you cannot continue to spend, borrow, and print money the way you are. if you do, you will turn us into
9:34 pm
a banana republic. this is important because it is warren buffett. this is the man that has a great reputation. he is -- he was an ardent supporter of the president during the campaign. now, he says, wait a minute. you have got to think about retreating from all of the spending. sean: how does this impact? two bits of news came out today that scared me. max baucus says social security could face default within two years. we have hundreds of dealers dumping the cash for clunkers program. they are not been paid. how does it impact it? >> i do not know how it directly impact social security or cash for clunkers. this is a call to start retreating from the spending. my position would be, he cannot retreat. this administration cannot retreat from what is already in place. you cannot back off from the
9:35 pm
stimulus program. it is implemented. you cannot back off from the record budget, the $410 billion supplemental spending program. you have to have something to show to the farmers with cap and trade. you cannot back away from the health care reform of $1 trillion over seven years. the unwritten thing in the warren buffett piece was, you have to be careful with health reform. sean: what do you think of economists who think we're about to hit a double dip inflation here? what you think about roubini? he predicted all of this. they call him dr. doom. what do you think of their predictions that this is not sustainable? warren buffett is joining. does this impact obama in any way? >> it should. it takes credibility away from the economic program that he has in place. their two predictions we're dealing with. warren buffett is predicting
9:36 pm
really serious inflation down the road if we do not rain in the printing. two, a double-dip recession. we are out of the first, that part of the recession. maybe a bit of growth by the end of the year. the prediction is, watch out. we go downhill again. sean: look at the headlines. home prices declined. retail sales are down. revenue to the government is down. the numbers cannot last week. the deficit quadrupled in one year under barack obama. foreclosures are up. the cost of government day -- >> you have a triple whammy that is not being faced up to buy the obama economic program. unemployment is still rising. employers are firing. consumers are not buying. you're about to see the worst in a decade back-to-school spending season.
9:37 pm
foreclosures are going through the roof. 360,000 foreclosure notices went out in july alone. these are challenges to the economic program, which the president will find difficult to address. sean: what you make of the poll this week? 57% do not see the stimulus as working. have americans lost confidence? >> 72% want the money back. it is not working. do not spend it. we want our tax money back. the way people are beginning to look at the obama presidency and his economic policy, the wheels are beginning to come off. there is a lack of credibility. when walter cronkite turned negative on vietnam, lyndon johnson said, i this lost america. when the warren buffett turns negative on obama's economic program and the spending ,
9:38 pm
president obama loses legitimacy. sean: correct me if i'm wrong. this is unsustainable. all the things you mentioned about the stimulus, the omnibus, the earmarks, everything combined -- >> what is not sustainable is the deficit. it might be close to $2 trillion this year. sean: they are adjusting it down. >> $11.70 trillion has accumulated over the years. the interest on that debt is already half a trillion dollars per year. that is not sustainable. sean: i took half of my money out of the market. i want to get out totally. i say that to people and they say, you will be better off in the long term. you are fairly young. >> what are you going to do? where are you going to go?
9:39 pm
sean: you know about the economy. we can predict inflation. interest rates will go up. i do not see any way out of the employment numbers. i see no incentive for capitalism. >> people think these are ugly echoes of the 1930's. the stock market gyrated and lost, but the economy went straight down for most of that decade. some people see parallel. sean: do you? >> i do in terms of market action. a double-dip recession looks right out there. let's not fool around with the word "depression." sean: thank you. appreciate it. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious.
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sean: he has served the commonwealth of virginia for over 20 years as governor and in both bodies of congress. george allen is back with us. he served as an op-ed columnist and white house correspondent. juan williams is here. he is don imus' longtime producer. bernard mcguirk is here. >> this is a disaster. where is the obligatory pretty check? did we ever get the death penalty? -- death panels? sean: that was your role tonight. >> i could have worn a dress. sean: we are glad you are here. that is only for saturday. the democrats want to go it alone on health care. they have 257 seats in the house. they have the filibuster-proof
9:45 pm
senate. they do not need the republicans. >> they might want to go it alone, and they are doing that as far as the american people are concerned. most americans are concerned not about the government running their health care system, not wanting to have their plan that will increase taxes on small businesses and increase the national debt, cut medicare cost and all of the other things, reducing the quality to health care, most americans care about the economy and jobs. they would like to see their government doing something to make this country better, more competitive for more investment and jobs rather than counterproductive harmon burdens being imposed, whether it is on the cap and tax timor this government-run health care system. i think what you are seeing is a big disconnect with the people in washington as opposed to those in the real world. they are seeing it at town hall meetings. people are worried about deficits, cuts, taxes, and they recognize america has the best
9:46 pm
health-care system in the world, the best equipment, best medicine. why would we want people to wait in line like they have in britain? sean: there is a tone deafness there. >> i agree. you can say, we have the best health-care system in the world. businesses are going out of business because of the cost of paying for health care, paying for employees to have health insurance. there are many people who do not have insurance. so many families go bankrupt when grandma gets sick. the family has to pay up because we love our older folks. the gop right now is missing in action. they sit in the cheap seats and they holler and say that obama is the problem. sean: republicans are saying, we will have tax credit for people who do not have insurance. they are talking about portability from state to state.
9:47 pm
they have mentioned medical savings accounts. nobody wants to hear them because they are not invited into the meetings with obama. >> grassley right now is caught in between. on the one hand, republicans say he is not representing us. he wants to represent republicans. yet, there is not one, a solid idea. you gave me five ideas. why don't republicans say, this is our idea, and let people criticize it? >> if they can be heard. those are the approach of republicans want. republicans are pushing ideas that will allow people to have more affordable access to quality health care. they want individuals to be able to make the decisions, not remote bureaucracy. >> jon kyl and charles grassley need to stand up and say, this is what we believe for with
9:48 pm
health care. >> there are a lot of different proposals out there. it is like a kid with straws shooting paper. the teacher is over there. >> that will be the difference. democrats want remote bureaucracy making decisions. republicans are wanting to push ideas, equalize the tax treatment. a small business owners should get the same tax breaks as a large corporation. allow individuals to own health insurance policies, not the government. sean: let me advance this a little bit. dealers have abandoned cash for clunkers because it is not working. max baucus said that social security could be insolvent in two years. medicare is broken. i have a stanford study with the hoover institute that 70% of countries that have socialized medicine do not like it. it needs a complete rebuilding. if america cannot run the
9:49 pm
current programs they have -- people have faith they can take over 20% of the economy. >> i do not think i have faith. the president misspoke when he talked about the post office being the beacon of efficiency. i would like to make the observation that it is enjoyable if you are a spectator. you have the lord, the giver of life defending himself against euthanizing granma. it is a wonderful thing to behold. i do not think he is a fighter. i do not think his heart is in it. he delegated this whole thing. sean: i disagree. he handed over to pelosi. i think it is the holy grail for them. >> if they lose this one, nothing else is coming out of this administration for four years. >> that would be fine. >> there you go. sean: we will come back. . . [ female announcer ] introducing the latest
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sean: and we continue now with our great, great american panel. all right, harry reid is threatening the nuclear option. if they do not listen to the american people who are speaking out at these town halls, and they bypass the normal channels, they will have great difficulties if they want to try that, and would that be a slap in the face to the american people? >> yes, it sure would. the fact that they put that in the budget was wrong. any piece of legislation should not be treated the way they were trying to do. it would be the nuclear option, but it is not for nominationç o
9:55 pm
the supremmç court or situation like that, and i think that would cause such bad blood within the senate, and, thing, such bad faith with the american people, -- and, i think, such bad faith with the american people, and they do not have 60 votes in the senate, and that means that some are saying, "i am listening to my constituents, and they do not want this." >> republicans are the ones that are going to use reconciliation, and now, oh, no. remember? >> as far as judges are concerned, i tell you, i was for that. >> look. you are an elected man. you are a man of high standards. i do not want to accuse you of hypocrisy. you cannot be one minute for it and another minute against it when the other guy has the power.
9:56 pm
>> the supreme court or the ambassador to the united nations -- >> it is good for the gander, it is good for the dues. -- goose. sean: this is robertç byrd's view on the constitution. cash for clunkers. we do not want that. >> how can you say that? how can that pass your lips? some dealers what the process better so they get paid more quickly. they do not want to participate anymore, and they want to drop out of it. that would be suicidal. do you know how much money the dealers have made it off of cash for clunkers? you know they are making more cars? sean: social security is going broke. medicare is going broke. we have tripled the deficit.
9:57 pm
i cannot name a program but the u.s. military that is run officially. why do people believe that the government is capable of running health care? i do not understand why you have faith, hope, and trust in them. >> have you ever heard of medicare? ever heard of social security? we still send out checks to people who are in need. let's, now it is not broken ok, ok. i amç just saying. çlet's be realistic -- now it s not broken. ok, ok. our government is trying. if you are on social security, guess what? if you are on an airplane, guess what? sean: they were supposed to put that money in a black box, were they not? >> yes. -- in a lockbox, were they not? >> yes. sean: why do liberals supported?
9:58 pm
>> because that is their ideological bent. he is the most -- politician to come down the pike. reverend wright, his grandmother, the gays. he wants to get some bills so they can take credit for it. sean: so many americans now have been conditioned, senator -- get some builill. college education and now health care. what are we giving up? liberty? freedom? ç>> we areç giving up the cont of personal responsibility, and that is what i think americans really in their hearts want, and it is fostering freedom and a level playing field, the land of opportunity for all people. there is a variety of issues,
9:59 pm
and what these ideas, whether it is the rationing of energy and energy taxes where government taking -- this is getting people dependent on government, and i think most people want individual freedom, controlling their own destinies. >> one quick point. this is a compassionate country. you know what? people care about each other, people do not much to see an appointment at 10%. we are all oabout individualism, but people do not want to see people drawing on the streets -- people do not want to see unemployment at 10%. we are all about individualism, but people do not want to see people dying on the streets. are you happy with the status çquo? at least you are in the game. sean:

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